Robert R. Chase. Conscience. (Asimovs January 2016)

asimovs1601A short piece looking at a near-future conflict, where a USAF pilot has more than a prick of conscience at her role in events, when she finds out the collateral damage that she is partly responsible for.

The sfnal element is the fact that she is dropping of a robot, who heads out into the dark deserts to seek and eliminate jihadi leaders (and their families).

The political background to what is happening is the most interesting element for me (I’m not a big fan of ‘military SF’ for the most part), as the issues Chase raises have been covered off in fiction, science fiction, and in drama plenty enough over the years – a whole series of drone-based issues in the last but one series of Homeland, Helen Mirren recently in the movie ‘Eye in The Sky’ spring quickly to mind.

Truth be told, it reads more like an Analog story than an Asimovs one to me.

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