Rich Larson. The Ghost Ship Anastasia. (Clarkesworld Magazine #124, January 2017)

Online here.

An excellent start to the Jan 2017 issue, from a young author who is impressing me.

A deep space, SF thriller, that starts with a crew, already reduced in numbers, docking with a malfunctioning bioshop. Larson handles the characters and the ship well. They enter the ship, half meat/half metal, through a proper sphincter, not one of the metal ones common in SF.(bleagh)

After finding out what has gone wrong, it becomes a tense drama as the protagonist Silas, has to rescue the uploaded version of his partner from their ship, and someone find a way to resist the tentacles of the malevolent bioship AI.

Well worth a read, and I’ll be looking out for more stories from Larson. I may even read some of his other short SF which is online, as he has what I believe the younger generation would refer to as shitloads of the stuff online.

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