Peter Watts. ZeroS. (Infinity Wars, ed Strahan, Solaris Books 2017)

Read in : The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Three. (ed Neil Clarke, Nightshade Books 2018)

Top notch military SF from Watts, as is the norm. Near(ish) future Earth, and there is a lot of internecine/factional warfare and strife on the planet. Asanta, a fisherman, gets caught up in it at the outset of the story, and what should be the end of his story is extended by an offer that he really can’t turn down. He can be saved, if her serves a 5-year stint in the military in a role which involves him going into battle neurally taken over by someone else.

The story progresses quickly, through boot camp, initial ops, and there’s a stinger towards the end as who initially looks like an ethical issue turns into a much more serious threat…

There’s a great balance of characterisation, tech, socio-political background and story here.

One thought on “Peter Watts. ZeroS. (Infinity Wars, ed Strahan, Solaris Books 2017)

  1. I guess I need to rustle up a copy of Clarke’s year’s best!

    As always, thanks for the short SF reviews. You’ve guided me to a lot of good reading over the years. Thank you.

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