Paul Di Filippo. Galaxy of Mirrors. (Is Anybody Out There?)

Professor Fayard Avouris is on a career break necessitated by a depression caused by his realisation of the futility of the human race in an universe in which no other races exist. He is therefore doubly pleased when suddenly – quite literally, suddenly – the existence of another race is proven. Furthermore, he is able to identify why another species should suddenly appear, and he is whisked away to the planet where he forecasts another appearance to take place, in the company of the beautiful federal agent Ina Glinka Narozhylenko.

It’s drily written by Di Filippo, and my only concern is that the author is perhaps succumbing to middle age – in his early days Avouris would have had at the very least a pair of beautiful twins to accompany him, not just a solo companion.

2 thoughts on “Paul Di Filippo. Galaxy of Mirrors. (Is Anybody Out There?)

  1. I found the initial anthology review page, which contains reviews of four of the stories from Is Anybody Out There?. However, the two most recent reviews — stories by Lake and Di Filippo — haven’t been added to that one page. Will you eventually place all the individual story reviews on that single page? Just checking… As you can see by my name, I’m personally interested in your reviews, and I would like to have a single URL that I can link to.

    Marty Halpern

  2. Marty

    Yes, I’d forgotten to pop the Lake and Di Filippo onto the review for the anthology as a whole. Now fixed!

    And as the reviews suggest, liking it so far :-)


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