Paul Di Filippo. A Pocketful of Faces. (Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2011)

A clever detective thriller based around issues of identity theft and celebrity. A few years hence (such that Facebook is a name used for a police data system, it’s name a throwback to an ‘old’ website), and it is possible, by nabbing a piece of someone’s DNA, to re-create their face. And it is possible to have that face fully functioning on an android – invariably for illegal, or at the very least, unpleasant reasons.

There’s a hard-boiled detective, and as it’s a Paul Di Filippo story, there’s an amazonian female accomplice. Except that she (unless the voraciously sexually active females from Di Filippo’s earlier stories), this is on is emotionally frozen, and needs thawing out, rather than hosing down.

Good to see a Di Filippo story again, they are way too few and far between these days.

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