Pat MacEwen. Taking the Low Road. (Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/June 2012).

An inventive take on wormholes and blackholes, and the relationship between the two – MacEwen has wormholes as organic creatures through whose body humans can pass, to travel between the stars. It’s a high risk method of transit, and young Jeanne is willing to risk everything in order to get some distance from what she needs to leave behind. Trouble is, said twin sister, has managed to follow her, and when the journey down the wormhole becomes even riskier, Jeanne has a choice to make.

The sister’s antagonistic relationship, and their celebrity status, and their recovery from an auto-erotic shunt to boost orgasmic intensity, are perhaps handled a little too lightly to sit perfectly at ease with the desperate, life-threatening migration they are taking – it feels like they’re taking the journey as if it was a greyhound bus to a neighbouring city, rather than one with far from a 100% survival rate.

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