Pat Cadigan. Don’t Mention Madagascar. (Eclipse Three, ed. Jonathan Strahan.)

A young barista heads off with her friend on a very strange journey, to solve the riddle of a relative being in the audience of a Rolling Stones gig from some decades back – but not as she would have looked then, rather as she looks now. A strange tour guide sets them off on their journey, a horrendous sequence of flights in various planes, to various destinations.

It transpires that the journey they are heading on is going to give them a choice about their final destination, not just where they end up, but what they end up there as, as they have been travelling through routes of possibilities and options.

It’s a nice story, but suffers a tiny bit through being the third story in a row that opens the volume with a relatively contemporary setting and light touch in terms of the SF/F elements, leaving this reader still waiting to properly take off.

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