Out of this World : The British Library, London.

The British Library are running an exhibition – ‘Out of this World : Science Fiction – but not as you know it’ -and I popped in to see it over the weekend. And can recommend it!

The exhibition has several themed displays (virtual worlds, worlds at war, alternate history etc) which showcase some of the classics (old and new) of SF. And the British Library have done an excellent job is staging the exhibition – there are still glass displays of books and magazines, but plenty more besides. There’s a large flying saucer crashed into a bookshelf to welcome you, on of Wells’ martian war machines straddling the main floor area, a Tardis, and other goodies to admire. There are video screens with talking heads, and headphones to plug yourself into to listen to extracts of books.

The breadth of material covered is impressive, and will appeal to more than just the hardcore SF nerd. If you get the chance, get over to St. Pancras to see it! It’s running to Sunday 19th June (more details)

One thought on “Out of this World : The British Library, London.

  1. This is a great review of Science Fiction work, and I was glad that I went to this when in London. To me it was a good prequel to visiting the Dr Who experience, as I had to drag a friend to understand my love of the future. After viewing this exhibit they go it.

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