Nick Wolven. We’re So Very Sorry For Your Recent Tragic Loss. (Fantasy and Science Fiction Sept/Oct 2015)

fsf150910A cautionary, near-future tale from Wolven. In an interconnected world, with an Internet of Things, and with personalisation embedded throughout, having your pillow wake you up in the morning, offering words of condolence on your recent tragic loss, is something that can happen.

It happens to Meg, but the big problem she faces is that she hasn’t suffered any loss. But her friends, and her mom have all been alerted (and she has problems with her friends, her boyfriend, and her mom). And her work has been alerted (except that it’s ‘work’ in that she works as an intern – a role she has had for almost 5 years).

And the messages of sympathy keep on coming, as her tragic losses keep on coming, although she remains at a loss as to what on earth is happening, and has her mom, her boyfriend, her friend, and her boss to deal with.

A clever story with neat touches throughout.

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