Nebula Awards Showcase 54 ed Nibedita Send (SFWA 2020)

The annual Nebula anthology had four different publishers in the last five years, and this volume is published by SFWA themselves. I bought it on and it came to me with Printed in Great Britain by Amazon on the last page, so presumably a Print on Demand publication (I’m a bit out of touch with publishing these days, it’s probably a Locally Produced Fungible Resource rather than PoD.)

Before the stories start, Editor Sen provides a very brief introduction, musing on the problems of producing fiction in strange times. Kate Dollarhyde provides a brief review of computer game writers and their acceptance into the realms of the more traditional writing community. And Brandon O’Brien briefly ponders ‘Spider-Man;: Into the Spiderverse’ and the role of fandom.

First up, fiction-wise, is Phenderson Djèlí Clark’s ‘The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington’, originally published in Fireside Fiction, February 2019 and still online there. I enjoyed the story/stories when reading it in Jonathan Strahan’s take on the best of the year’s SF&F. I noted also an interesting article about the story. It won the Nebula Award for Best Short Story.

Second up is Rhett C. Bruno’s ‘Interview for the End of the World’. It is subtitled ‘A Short Story set in the Children of Titan’ series, which prompted me to do a quick google, and clearly there’s a market for his work, and he’s clearly happy to supply that market. I managed a couple of pages, but found it lacking in pretty much anything I look for in a short story, and for my money the story is out of place in this series of anthologies. [15-Mar-2021]

More to follow..

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