Nebula Award Stories 7. ed. Lloyd Biggle Jr

Celebrating the 1971 Awards, full details of all nominees on the SFWA 1971 Nebula Awards Page.

Poul Anderson The Queen of Air and Darkness
Originally in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Winner Best Novelette

The Last Ghost Stephen Goldin

Kate Wilhelm The Encounter

R A Lafferty Sky

Edgar Pangborn Mount Charity

Robert Silverberg Good News from the Vatican
Winner Best Short Story

Gardner R Dozois Horse of Air

George Zebrowski Heathen God

Joanna Russ Poor Man, Beggar Man

Doris Pitkin Buck The Giberel

Katherine Maclean The Missing Man
Originally in Analog
Winner Best Novella

3 thoughts on “Nebula Award Stories 7. ed. Lloyd Biggle Jr

  1. For the benefit of of Other Long-Time Edgar Pangborn Readers, the title of his story is actually “Mount Charity,” although it might be fun to do an EP Homage titled “Charity” someday.

  2. Michael

    Thx for this. Duly amended! At current rate of progress, working my way through the Year’s Best anthologies, I’ll be reading this volume in 2032.


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