Naomi Kritzer. The Wall. (Asimovs, April/May 2013)

asimovs130405I’ve a soft spot for anything to do with the Berlin Wall, as it brings back very fond memories of watching the wall come down whilst in a maternity hospital room with my wife, with son #1 on the way, and thinking to ourselves that what with the Cold War clearly coming to an end, the baby was going to be born into a much safer world. Heigh-ho.

Kritzer provides a nice little time travel story, with a young woman initially reluctant to believe that the woman who occasionally plays her a visit is in fact her future self. As to why her visiting Berlin is so important – all of course is revealed. With a touch of the Time Traveler’s Wife in putting constraints around time travel, and focussing on relationships, it’s a story that works well.

2 thoughts on “Naomi Kritzer. The Wall. (Asimovs, April/May 2013)

  1. I was re-rereading this today.

    I would have liked the sory to continue a little bit longer. It would then stat to get more into the paradoxes.

  2. I’m not quite clear exactly how many years in the future the older Meg is supposed to be from but I think it is 2016 or later.

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