Naomi Kritzer. Cleanout. (Fantasy and Science Fiction, Nov/Dec 2015)

fsf2015112Several of Kritzer’s ‘Seastead’ stories have appeared in F&SF over the last couple of years, clearly popular with the readers and editor, but I baled out very early on, not being able to engage with a story of teen angst and drama.

I’ve liked her other non-Seasted stories, and ditto this one. It features three sisters who are clearing out their parents’ house. Dad died a few years back, and mom is in hospital now, very likely to follow suit. There have been tensions between two of the sisters, and all three are infertile, which two having adopted children. And in this subtle and effective/affecting story, the reason behind their infertility, and just exactly where their emigre parents did originally come from, are the sfnal elements.

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