Naomi Kritzer. Cat Pictures Please. (Clarkesworld #100, January 2015)

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Now, we all know that Google is Your Friend, but here Kritzer takes a light-hearted look at just how friendly the search algorithm could be, especially when it achieves sentience and is able to take a hand in helping a few people in need (sharers of cat pictures on the interwebs).

The AI has researched ethics and morals, including the SF canon, reference Asimov and Sterling, and all in all it’s a great read.

One thought on “Naomi Kritzer. Cat Pictures Please. (Clarkesworld #100, January 2015)

  1. Someone please steer this AI in my direction–I’m particularly interested in the part where it could “find you a job that actually uses that skill set you think no one will ever appreciate.”

    I’ve got four cats who like to sleep together and walk into shopping bags,with no provocation, as well as a pretty nice Canon digital camera, so ability to pay is definitely not an issue

    But maybe the ending is a bit weak?

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