Nancy Fulda. Backlash. (Asimovs September 2010)

A ‘taut thriller’ mashing up time travel and terrorism.

A retired special ops guy suffering flashbacks to his time in South Africa fighting terrorists finds himself suddenly in a whole new world of pain as the future catches up with him. A young waitress in a restaurant rescues him from attack, and it turns out …. spoiler ahead … that she has in effect been taken over by her future self, his future wife. Things haven’t worked out as they should, as his future self has failed to imprint on his current mind; worse still, he finds out his daughter is sleeping with the enemy. There’s an enemy within, who, if left unstopped, will lead to a terrible regime in the US, and of course, they must be stopped. But how to do it without harming the daughter? It’s a page-turner of a science thriller, admittedly with a few cardboardy characters.

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