Mercurio D. Rivera. Unreeled. (Asimovs June 2016)

asimovs1606Short, tight and excellent sf chiller from Rivera.

Jonathan is waiting with his young son for his wife’s return from exploring a singularity at the centre for the galaxy. Except she and her colleagues haven’t been away physically but “..had remained in stasis while a perfect replica of their brain patterns was uploaded into a quantum-entangled flik orbiting the black hole’s event horizon..’

And he’s not exactly eager for her return, as their relationship, prior to her going on this mission, had been crumbling away.

But she’s a changed woman on her return, which has to be a good thing, right? Wrong….

It’s a good format for a short story – introductory para to set up an intriguing ending to the story, and then some good characterisation and human interaction, and some solid science and SF.

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