Mercurio D. Rivera. For Love’s Delirium haunts the Fractured Mind. (Interzone #235, Jul-Aug 2011)

A further story in the ‘Wergen’ series, which started with ‘Longing for Langana’ back in 2006.

The story is another with a Wergen viewpoint, with Joriander a live-in servant cum nanny in a human household. He is in thrall to his mistress and his young master, and clearly there is something amiss – and we find out when he has revealed to him that there is subtle infamy at work – the Wergen, although technologically far superior, are evidently under biochemical influences, binding them to humans and blinding them to the human’s real intent.

The story fills in background to the Langana setting, the Wergen psyche and society, and effectively takes the story sequence a step forward.

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  1. This was the first story I rad from this author. Thought it was pretty good. It makes me want to read future Wergen stories.

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