Matthew Corradi. City League. (Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/June 2012)

A story about a son’s relationship with his father, seen through the lens of baseball – but with a difference. Baseball traditionalists may want to avoid the story, as in this future many liberties have been taken with the game. However the stats are still there, even more so, with whole wall fulls of streaming data and video to consume.

Corradi handles the technology in the story well, with the son, like his father, employed in the industry of manipulating memory, which has become a big thing. The son is working on inspecting a memory involving a baseball game, when something doesn’t ring true, and leads him to explore his memories, and the role of his father in those memories, and gradually a much more complex father-son relationship unfolds.

Excellent.(ps typo at bottom of p.190 – ‘artistic flare’ – flare?)

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