Liz Williams. The Marriage of the Sea. (Asimovs April/May 2015)

asimovs150405Fractionally over 3 pages long, and not much to get your teeth into. The story looks at the fanaticism necessary to carry out an act beyond the ken of most people – although we don’t really need to use fantasy to explore that issue these days!

The fanatic in question is about to give her life to the sea gods, and is ‘rescued’ by those with good intentions, except that it’s a short term rescue as she is able to carry out her intentions. The story doesn’t give enough to engage with her, and we aren’t able to see how her fanaticism came about, so it’s merely a sketch. For those of you wishing to explore this issue, make sure you watch the film ‘Four Lions‘, although you have to be tuned in to the British sense of humour to get the most from this dark comedy that does get under the skin of the jihadi.

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