Lightspeed Magazine #56, January 2015

lightspeed56New and reprint SF and fantasy, all available (with extra content) electronically, with fiction teased out during the month on the Lightspeed website.

New SF this month :

Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam. He Came From a Place of Openness and Truth. “Editor Adams gets the reader into the right mindset for a forthcoming ‘Queers Destroy SF!’ kickstarter.” Best SF Review

Jeremiah Tolbert. Men of Unborrowed Vision

Reprint SF :

Michael Cassutt. More Adventures on Other Planets. Originally published online on SCI FICTION in 2001.

Theodora Goss. Beautiful Boys. Originally in Asimovs August 2012, where I reviewed it : “Charming short in which a scientist reflects on her personal experience of a scientific study into an alien invasion of a very subtle, and intimate nature.” Best SF review here

Paul McAuley. The Choice. (ebook only). Originally in Asimovs February 2011, where I reviewed it : “A taut story in McAuley’s Jackaroo sequence, set in Norfolk, when the consequences of contact with alien technology unfold.” Best SF review here

Read Lois Tilton’s review of this issue on Locus Online here.

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