Lightspeed Magazine #20, January 2012

John Joseph Adams has moved from being simply editor of Lightspeed Magazine and Fantasy Magazine, to owner and publisher, and with the first issue of 2012 he has merged the two titles, so there’s twice as much to read each monthy, if SF and fantasy are both to your likeing.

The latest issue of the magazine is available, with all the content below immediately available on Kindle ( or The web version of the mag has the content appearing throughout the month here.

Initially available stories:
SF : How Many Miles to Babylon? by Megan Arkenberg
F : Blue Lace Agate by Sarah Monette

Upcoming SF stories :
Gene Wars by Paul McAuley
Always True to Thee, in My Fashion by Nancy Kress (available on 1/17)
The Five Elements of the Heart Mind by Ken Liu (available on 1/24)

Upcoming Fantasy Stories :
You Have Never Been Here by M. Rickert
On the Acquisition of Phoenix Eggs (Variant) by Marissa Lingen (available on 1/17)
A State of Variance by Aimee Bender (available on 1/24)

Cover : Alexey Zaryuta

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