Lightspeed Magazine #17, October 2011.

The latest issue of the magazine has appeared on my iPad Kindle app. All the content below is immediately available on Kindle ( or The web version of the mag will have the content appearing throughout the month here. I’ll update this page with links to the stories when I read them.

Fiction: “Her Husband’s Hands” by Adam-Troy Castro (Best SF Review), “The Little Bear” by Justina Robson, “Against Eternity” by David Farland, “Some Fortunate Future Day” by Cassandra Clare.

Nonfiction: “The Care and Feeding of Your Disembodied Lungs” by Lauren Davis, “The Physics of a Populated Universe” by Dr. Pamela Gay, “Saving Your Brain to a Disk” by Jeff Hecht, “Feature Interview: Beth Revis” by Gwenda Bond.

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