Lightspeed Magazine #12, May 2011

gorgeous cover by Julie Dillon

Fiction: “The Harrowers” by Eric Gregory, “Bibi From Jupiter” by Tessa Mellas (Originally published in Story Quarterly 2007), “Eliot Wrote” by Nancy Kress, “Scales” by Alastair Reynolds (Originally published in The Guardian 2009) (It’s a short piece in which humanity becomes even more detached from its humanity as it steps up through several stages to address the enemy. There’s some classic Reynolds “The war against the reptiles will be won and lost in the N-dimensional tangle of interconnected wormhole pathways”, but whilst the ending might have surprised the Guardian reader unused to SF, not so the hardened SF reader.)

Nonfiction: “Feature Interview: Jill Tarter” by Genevieve Valentine, “The Icy Ecosystem of Europa” by Dr. Pamela Gay, “When the Brain Sees God on a Toaster Pastry” by The Evil Monkey, “Whose Thoughts Are You Thinking?” by Laura Waterstripe.

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