Leife Shallcross. Wandering Star. (The End Has Come)

theendhascomeA singleton story in this trilogy of anthologies that contain a number of three-instalment stories. The setup and characters are strong enough to have been able to stretch over three stories, but that’s not possible due to the nature of the story.

The Wandering Star of the title refers dually to the comet due to land in Australia and wreak havoc, and the design of the hand-made quilt that is analysed throughout the story, from a distance some decades after the events. With each of the nine quadrants of the quilt made up of old clothes, those in the future try to ponder the story behind the quilt, and we get to see that story, as a young mother and her husband face the imminent catastrophe with the odds stacked against them.

The powerlessness, hope, love and fear in the domestic setting are all well handled.

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