Lead Cypess. What We Ourselves Are Not. (Asimovs September 2013)

asimovs1309There’s a bit of a fashion these days for a bit too much information in the editorial introduction to stories, which can get in the way of allowing the reader to find out what the story is about. The reference to the inspiration from Michael A. Burstein’s ‘Kaddish for the Last Survivor’ tipped the wink for me, event though that story is 13 years old and my memory is notoriously weak.

So Cypess looks at a technological way in which the horrors of the past can be prevented from disappearing into the past, and from the denyers (deniers?) to rewrite that history. The story struggles a bit though with the ‘show don’t tell’ issue, as the issues around which the story revolves are all discussed between the protagonists

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