Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The Tower. (Asimovs March 2010).

A bit of a disappointment. The sfnal cover, sort of suggesting that it was linked to the Rusch story and ergo that story was spacebound SF, was not the case. It’s a time travel story, in which a small team head back to the Tower of London in 1641 in order to investigate the mystery of the murder of the two princes by Richard III. Their team is however, infiltrated by someone who has an altogether different plan – the
theft of some of the Crown Jewels. Rather unbelievably, the historian who is leading the team does not suspect anything when he joins the team at the last minute, going by the name of an infamous historical figure who stole the Crown Jewels.

The team head back courtesy of their little handheld time travel devices, land with a bump as the ground is lower than they expected, and then quickly have to stop the jewel thief from his nefarious plans, and get back home, the Two Princes job compromised.

It’s fine as far as it goes, but doesn’t really go anywhere not gone many, many times before. The only real element of the story that grabbed me was the physical shock the time travellers faced when they land back in the odorous bygone times. Other than that, the story could equally, or perhaps, better have been placed in a historical or a crime fiction magazine.

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