Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The Last Surviving Gondola Widow. (Clarkesworld 101)

clarkesworld101Online here to read and to listen to.

Excellent story from Rusch, a sort of alternate history/steampunk tale set on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s mid-19th century and the civil war has gone slightly differently (my knowledge of the US civil war is fairly minimal so I may have missed some extra devil in the detail), and there’s low-level magic, and gondolas. What’s not to like?

A fiery hell has rained down on the windy city, and the story is told through the eyes of a woman, widowed not through the loss of her husband, but through her gondola, as there’s a strong, strong bond between the pilot and the gondola.

She’s a Pinkerton agent, and some evidence comes to light that sets up a dramatic denouement for the Governor’s wife. This would make a cracking movie. Angela Jolie for the widow, Gillian Anderson for the Governor’s wife. You heard it here first folks. I’ll get cracking on the screen treatment now.

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