Ken Altabef. The Woman Who Married the Snow. (Fantasy & Science Fiction July/Aug 2013)

fsf130708I gave the shortest of short shrift to the previous fantasy story in this issue, but this one was much more to my liking, with a very definite sense of place, character and depth. The story features Inuit shaman Ulruk, who features in a series of epic fantasy novels, which you can find out more about at although by way of caveat tinternet, let me say that this story is w-a-y better than that cheesy website or bookcovers would suggest (no offense Mr Altabef, but your website and book covers do you a serious disservice!)

Anyhoo, something is found underneath the ice in an Inuit settlement, and forces beyond normal ken, which only Ulruk can attempt to control/influence are called upon, but whilst the wishes of the widow to be reunited with her drowned-dead husband are

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