Kay Kenyon. The Spires of Greme. (Solaris Rising 2)

solarisrising2Kenyon’s ‘Castoff World’ was one of the stronger stories in the anthology ‘Shine’ (review here), and this story is equally as good, and shares some similarities. The earlier story features a post-something world with a floating recycling mat on which a young woman and her grandfather live. This features, quite vividly, a world where eco-terrorists/freedom fighters have given the world the opportunity to fight the human menace, and humanity is reduced to living in small enclaves in mobile spires (I’m thinking Howl’s Moving Castle), treading carefully over a forest that can fight back.

Sark Highspire is a young woman whose life is mapped out for her – she is to be transferred to a neighbouring spire as a bride, to ensure DNA is spread across the spires. There’s dramatic action, heroism and sacrifice in a few short pages.

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