Kate Wilhelm. The Fullness of Time. (Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/August 2012)

A lengthy novella that ultimately disappoints.

The setup is an intriguing one – a family blessed/cursed with foresight, who make the most of their narcoleptic visions of the near future to patent technology ahead of its time. An investigative journalist gets onto their trail, and in the guise of filming a documentary, a young man in the family escapes his minders for a day out with one of the investigative team.

Up to that point the story is fine, setting up an intriguing exploration of how the young man might escape the shackles of his family and his condition, and that condition itself. However, the story eschews that and becomes more like an episode of the 1970s TV version of Mission Impossible, where a bit of hi-tech gadgetry is used in an attempt to put the frighteners on one of the family, and a dramatic final shoot-out brings the story to an end, sweeping the sfnal elements under the carpet, rather than exploring them.

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