Karl Schroeder. To Hie from Far Cilenia. (Year’s Best SF 16)

Originally : in ‘Metatropolis’.

Originally in a Scalzi edited audio collection, good work from Hartwell and Cramer to get this to a wider audience. One the one hand a near-future science thriller about tracking some stolen plutonium, on the other hand a fascinating exploration of where current fascination with online RPG, avatars, MMORPG, cosplay, and augmented reality could lead, as the investigation quickly leads into a ‘game’ which is a combination of these, and then, into a game within a game.

Some interesting issues are raised, but moral dilemmas remain.


  1. Speculating a Better Future – Jacobin Dev - October 8, 2016

    […] the world economy¬†suffers from this¬†fundamental flaw. Karl Schroeder’s recent story “To Hie from Far Cilenia,” for example, posits a libertarian revolution by mobile hackers who secede from society and […]

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