Julian Mortimer-Smith. Come-From-Aways. (Asimovs December 2015)

asimovs1512A second story in this issue featuring something strange happening off the coast of a fishing town. I’d have preferred to see the stories separated by a couple of issues, as my ageing brain will conflate the two in years to come.

In this story there is a strange mist which rolls in off the sea every so often, but it’s not the mist, but what the mist appears to bring that is the sfnal element – strange pieces of alien technology. Leaving aside the question as to why the scientist of the world haven’t flooded to the coast, we follow a young man who is pondering what life he will lead, especially as his young girlfriend has announced she is pregnant.

He rows out onto the sea and into the mist, and gets a view on what lies beyond/beneath, and some alien tech enables him to change the course of his life.

A nice four-pager.

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