Josh Roseman. Greener. (Asimovs, April/May 2012)

Roseman looks at some current trends to explore love, sex and relationships in the near future, through the eyes of a young man who regrets his decision not to renew his relationship contract with his partner after eight years and one child.

Roseman’s first story in Asimovs (‘Bring on the Rain’) was an action-packed drama, and he attempts a much more difficult story here, in looking at relationships and getting into the mind of the protagonist, and it just feels a little less subtle than it needs to be.

2 thoughts on “Josh Roseman. Greener. (Asimovs, April/May 2012)

  1. Thanks for reading the story. I agree that it was a bit more difficult. I personally have more difficulty actually writing action sequences — they always seem to be over too quickly — and I do prefer character-driven internal dramas because they allow me to write more.

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