Jon Ingold. The History of Poly-V. (Interzone #227 Mar-Apr 2010)

Ingold is an author new to me – you can find out more about him here.

It’s an impressive story for a first appearance at this level. A small team of scientists are working on a drug which has an impact on memory – vividly bringing back details of long-ago events. The narrative is through the perspective of the lead scientist, and as he details the work on the drug, it getting to market, and moving on to more advanced versions of the drugs. Interspersed with this are the details of the memories which the drugs he takes as part of the testing bring back to him. And suddenly what start as evident inconsistencies in memories become something much bigger. Much bigger. Ingold handles the characterisation well, and doesn’t overdo it, letting the story slowly and subtly ratchet up the tension.

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