Joel Richards. Writing in the Margins. (Asimovs, April/May 2013)

asimovs130405I read this a couple of weeks ago and didn’t really enjoy it, and coming back to ‘review’ it I skimmed through and found some dialogue that caused me to wince : “I know”, Tim said. “This palimpsest construct, metaphor, whatever it is. The basic self endures. In each life we can only scribe our overlay on the basic essence.”

Anyhoo, there’s some scientific stuff (helpfully explained in more dialog : “I graps the process: the synthesis through enzymatic catalysis of neuropeptide – a neurotransmitter, it turns out – that had once been a part of the human genome but had mutated out..”) and in a short space of time the issues are looked against a paralysed wife, a cold case rape and a Danish cop.

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