Jo Walton. Sleeper. (

sleeperClever story from Walton with a lot in it to like – if you like (like me) things like ‘unions, and free education, and paid holidays, and a health service’ that we have in the UK but which are under attack at present and which are consigned to history in this story. It’s online here and I’d recommend you read it.

It’s set some fifty years hence, a biographer uses a computer simulation of her latest subject to address these issues, in a subtle and effective way. The biographer works for a pittance in a one-bedroom apartment in a 30 storey block in Swindon, with a huge student loan to pay off, and things like a house, marriage, children just something that the elite can have. And her re-incarnated subject has some lost skills and techniques on which to draw. If he will help…

I’d suggest Walton extends the story and turns it into a screenplay – it would make an excellent TV drama or film!

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