Jeff Noon. No Rez. (Interzone #260, Sep-Oct 2015)

interzone260A near-future extrapolation, where everything we see is through digital inputs, there are targetted popup ads popping into our vision, and if you don’t have the money, you’re restricted to low-rez, with daily pixel counts being issued by the government.

A sort of Digital Orange, to the Burgess’ Clockwork one. It’s not a traditional narrative, almost stream of consciousness, interspersed with messages from the network, as the protagonist finds his worldview taking a suddenly different track after an incident, becoming almost an acid trip as he becomes…

I read this on a Kindle, which used bold, and CAPS, and towards the end a traditional sentence structure gives way to staccato text, which works well, but I’m guessing more might have been done in the print version with more layout and presentational options.

Good to read something just that bit different, and intense.

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