Jason Sanford. Her Scientifiction, Far Future, Medieval Fantasy. (Interzone #234, May-June 2011).

A lengthy story that didn’t really gel for me.

Princess Krisja Jerome is living in a cod-medieval universe controlled by an AI, serving the whims of viewers/voyeurs who watch the ongoing adventures. But there are other universes, and Krisja herself is entertained by spending times in more sfnal milieus.

The story starts quickly and the pace never slackens, with Krisja witnessing the death of her beloved father, and fleeing the enemy who want her dead. There’s a mystery about her to be solved, and all is revealed in the end, but for me the story lacked depth, with all the characters sketchily drawn. The Princess is a stroppy teen who takes her father’s death very much in her stride, and apart from a flashback to her childhood, she isn’t a three-dimensional character, so it is difficult to engage with the threat she is under.

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