James S.A. Corey. Rates of Change. (Meeting Infinity, 2015)

meeting infinityCorey opens the fourth volume in the ‘Infinity’ anthology series with a thoughtful look at one of the central conceits of the collection theme – how will change in the near future impact the very essence of humanity.

Here he posits a society where some (it’s not clear if it’s ‘all’ as it’s a very tight focus on the main character) can move into new bodies, grown to their bespoke specification. Diana is on her third body, her second body being due to medical necessity, her third due to not feeling at all right after that first change. She still feels uncomfortable, unlike her husband, whose new body he slipped into easily, and unlike her son, who has been through an accident in his new body, and we find out just how radical he had been in embracing a new body.

Corey eschews the temptation to give a first person view of just what has happened to the son, leaving the story simply focussing on Diana’s thoughts and feelings.

Meeting Infinity. (ed Jonathan Strahan, Solaris Books 2015)

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