James Patrick Kelly. Uncanny. (Asimovs October/November 2014)

asimovs141011A short two-sider from Kelly, the kind of story Isaac Asimov would be writing if he were still alive and mining the robotics milieu.

I fondly remember reading an Asimov story some four decades ago, where a recently jilted woman finds her handsome new robot gets her neighbours talking jealously by making sure they see him kissing her as they arrive for a part.

Here Kelly looks into human nature, that would undoubtedly create a fourth law – a robot must pleasure a human, unless this conflicts with the First Three Laws. A helpful present (bought online of course) from her mother enables a jilted woman to have a man around the house again, and with various accessories also available online….

And, like Asimov, there’s a little twist in the tail.

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