Jake Kerr. The Gray Sunrise. (The End Had Come, 2015)

theendhascomeKerr’s approach to the ‘Apocalypse Triptych’ has been to write three stories linked by an asteroid impact, but each featuring different characters in different situations, and this story, a good one like the previous two, features a close analysis of the reaction of his characters to events.

At 45 Don Willis has finally got most of what he dreamt of, especially his ocean-going yacht in the marina. Sadly, the end of the world is nigh, so the long-dreamt of life in later years relaxing away from it all in the yacht will not come to pass. And as if the end of the world isn’t bad enough, he’s got a teenage son who’s response to the forthcoming earthkiller impact is one of ‘meh’ and to keep on playing his computer games.

However, Don is able to flee, with his son (not without some difficulties) to the deep ocean to wait out the impact and to see just how long the planet will take to recover and whether they can last that long. In doing so they face more challenges, overcome them, and do come out of the leaden gray sunrise as does the son.

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