Jack Skillingstead. The Despoilers. (Clarkesworld Magazine #120 September 2016)

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A shorter story (just over 3k words), that starts off with young Allegra in a very unpromising situation. She is alone on a distant planet with only her father to keep her company. And that state of affairs might not last long, as in his haste to embrace the new planet, and it’s vegetation, he is seriously ill. And he is in that state as he has not been as rational as you would want, to the extent of deliberately sabotaging their vessel, in order for them to be totally free from the rest of humanity, and to be able to live in harmony with the planet.

Allegra comes across convincingly in the narrative, which, as most SF stories do, sees her with an opportunity to rectify the predicament he is in. And opportunity that will test her loyalty to her father.

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