Ian Watson. Blair’s War. (Asimovs July 2013)

asimovs1307An alternate history story the enjoyment of which rather depends on your knowledge of the real name of a famous 20th Century author. If you know that, you will probably guess who the titular character is and get enjoyment from it.

Otherwise, I guess you may get a bit flummoxed as the name Blair tends nowadays to mean Tony Blair, and a story entitled ‘Blair’s War’ suggests something related to the warmongering antics of the ex-PM, who ignored millions of people taking to the streets of London, to start a ‘war’ that continues to have devastating effects on civilians in Iraq to this day.

Anyhoo, this story is set in the time of the Spanish Civil War, and again, unless you’re expert on that conflict and can spot the differences in this alternate history, you’re left with a so-so story about young children evacuated to Britain in the 1930s.

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