H. Pueyo. What the South Wind Whispers. (Clarkesworld Magazine, #146 November 2018)

Online here.

An author new to me. A simple setup : the protagonist is on the autistic spectrum, and has something to hide, and s/he finds the perfect place – a very small sub-sea station, manning the control of a shield above ground. Exactly what the shield is shielding us from is the sfnal element to the story. The main thrust of the story is how ‘Elias’ is going to react to the newly-arrived second crew member. Fortunately, Elias has their (British) AI Heloise to hand, and they have also chosen the recruit – also someone on the spectrum.

But there is betrayal, and Elias has to judge just who has done the betraying.

Actually, that makes it sound a bit more complex than it is, as after most of the story is interpersonal and human/AI exchange, a dramatic ending is suddenly created, and then resolved. The story has the feeling of one by a novice writer who has got 50% of a good story, but hasn’t been able to find the extra 50% to make the story fully-fleshed out, three-dimensional and successful.

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