Gwendolyn Clare. It Gets Bigger. (Asimovs December 2014)

ASFD14CoverA story inspired by the author’s brother, the film Alien, and Samuel Beckett.

I’m not aware of the full range of Beckett’s works, so am wondering whether the author’s brother put on prodigious amounts of weight and increased size dramatically. (joke).

A small alien artefact is located, and the scientific team decide to put it into a scanner and probe it. This does not go according to plan, and the artefact begins to grow. And doesn’t stop.

The artefact/metaphor continues to grow, and becomes ever-increasingly backdrop (and soon out of the room on account of it’s size) to the young woman scientist protagonistm whose exposure to radiation in the scanner incident miscarries, and subsequently breaks up with her partner, neither of which really upsets her, as her life goes on.

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