Gregory Norman Bossert. Slow Boat. (Asimovs August 2010).

The pick of the issue. A woman wakes up, disorientated, and very, very surprised to find herself connected up to, and inside a suspended animation coffin – clearly a long, long way away from her settee back on Earth. She has to use her smarts to get out of that predicament, and then to make sense of what has happened, and what to do as the only person on a long-haul transporter headed somewhere. She’s got her AI to hand, and her own background as a hacker, and as the story unfolds we find out more about her, why she is known as NaN, and just what is happened, and how she can turn the tables on those who put her in this position, all of which makes it much more than a routine SF story about someone having to get out of a predicament, and a second good story form Bossert in Asimovs in 2010.

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