Gavin Salisbury. Junction 5. (Panverse Three)

A story with a very passive main character, which is quite unusual, and makes for not the most exciting read, especially as at the end, in the lead up to the first actions he takes, a lot of the planning for that action is off-camera for a big reveal.

The setting has its merits – one element of a future humanity on an alien planet who travel of remnant technology, massive biological trains, through which the follow the sun. The protagonist, joint leader of one train, leads a trade delegation when they stop off at Junction 5 to barter goods. But there has been treachery, and he finds himself marooned in the city. Fortunately, he is picked up by one of a coven of witches and taken to her coven, and is later befriended by another, and is finally led to a revelation about who is was who did the dirty on him.

The story shows promise in places, particularly the description of settings, but the characters don’t come across quite as well.

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