Gary Kloster. Interchange. (Clarkesworld #124 January 2017)

Online here.

An excellent story from an author new to me.

There’s an intriguing set up, some excellent characterisation, there is drama, and a tense ending in which a big decision has to be made… So go ahead and following the link above and read the story.

Lucy is part of a team working on a big stretch of highway, and the sfnal element (and it’s a biggie) is that they do so in a bubble of frozen space-time, enabling them to do the work whilst cut off from the rest of the world, and once they are finished, to return to normal time and bingo! the new road is there.

Lucy has some very interesting back-story, and there is palpable tension with another member of the team, and it’s all very claustrophobic as they spend months on end under the virtual dome, cut off from the outside world. Then something goes wrong, very wrong, and instead of being cut off from the world, they spend a few moments no longer cut off, but also no longer cut off in their own timeline. And something from outside gets into their camp…

It’s all very well handled by Kloster, and a story that stands out.

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