Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Issue Twelve : January 2015

gedgeI’ve been meaning to check out Galaxy’s Edge magazine for a little while, but their website looks like a refuge from 1999, and the ‘invitation-only’ approach had a little whiff of vanity publishing, so I haven’t got round to it until now.

The main reason for doing so was reading the recent Paul Di Filippo story ‘I’ll follow the sun’ referenced Robert Heinlein’s’ ‘All You Zombies’, the story that Hollywood movie ‘Predestination’ is based on, and then finding out the story was in issue 12 of Galaxy’s Edge.

I could have read the story online here, but my Perversitometertm was in full swing so I ordered the print version from Amazon. The print magazine turns out to be quite consistent with the website in eschewing fancy design, with the entire issue having probably less design spent on it than Interzone’s designers spend on one closing paragraph.

The content includes a range of interviews, reviews and the usual stuff, and fiction-wise there’s a range of classic reprints and new stories, including not one but two Sargasso Containment stories (note to self : check out WTF these are*) this issue being :

A Little Song, A Little Dance, A Little Apocalypse Down Your Pants by Robert T. Jeschonek – new fiction

Counterfactual by Gardner Dozois – originally in Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 2006, whence I noted “The Dozois story is so well done in terms of characterisation and setting that it’s almost possible to overlook the quality of the writing, and the subtlety does rather throw into relief the clunkiness of a lot of other Alternate History (not that I read much of it).” full review here

Curtain Call by Sandra M. Odell – new fiction

Special Economics by Maureen McHugh – originally in : The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, ed Ellen Datlow, and collected in Dozois’ 26th whence I noted “McHugh does for near future hi-tech China what Ian McDonald has done for near future hi-tech India.” full review here

Game Not Over by Ron Friedman – new fiction

“All You Zombies—” by Robert A. Heinlein – all the way back from 1958

The Book of Alexander by Zaslow Crane – new fiction

Nothing Ever Happens in Rock City by Jack McDevitt – reprint from 2001

In Secrets, Absolution (a Sargasso Containment story) by Andrea G. Stewart – new fiction

Calming the Tempest (a Sargasso Containment story) by Tina Gower – new fiction

So, an interesting volume, with a retro feel to it. I reckon I’ll be sticking to my regular reading…

*Oh, and BTW Sargasso Containment is a shared world story setting exclusive to Galaxy’s Edge

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