Galaxy’s Edge #13, March 2015

galaxysedge15Fiction this issue (with some great reprints) :

The Ties That Bind, The Chains That Break by Liz Colter

Johnny Come Home by Pat Cadigan, originally in Omni, June 1991

Gyre (Sargasso) by Brad R. Torgersen

Doing Lennon by Gregory Benford, originally in Analog, April 1975, collected in Terry Carr’s Best SF of the Year #5 where I noted : “Hoaxer comes out of cryogenic suspension in the far future, pretending to be John Lennon.

June Sixteenth at Anna’s by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, originally in Asimovs, April 2003 where I noted “a beautifully handled bitter-sweet story. Recently bereaved, the elderly husband of Anna finally views the many holographic videos taken of one afternoon in a restaurant many, many years ago. Whilst time-travel is beyond us, it has proven possible to capture events of the past in sufficiently immersive detail for VR, and he is able to look back at his wife, before they met, and to finally come to terms with what he has lost.”, and collected in Dozois’ 21st

Twilight on Olympus by Eric Leif Davin

The Latest One by Fabio F. Centamore

Superstition by Jody Lynn Nye

Prey to the Gods by Kathleen Conahan

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